Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | February 5, 2010

the bad economy birthday buck

2010 continues to come at us with all sorts of things we didn’t expect, but that’s a lot like how life is, isn’t it?  Most days are rather dull until the party starts, but some days just come at you with a wham and a bam!  Golly, if we didn’t have our sense of humor and Joyceland we don’t know what we’d do . . . . . .

We volunteered to help at the teacher luncheon yesterday.  It was an appreciation luncheon for all the hard working teachers and the theme was Mexican Fiesta.  Tacos, fajitas, chili con queso, refried beans, rice dishes, and flan were on the menu.  We even had salsa music playing in the background.  When Father Young Boy came through the line we told him there’d be dancing after lunch, but he politely blushed and declined.  We told him dancing makes the day go faster, but all he did was giggle a spiritual little giggle.  Since Bulldog is the only Hispanic child at our school we offered to have him greet the teachers at the start of the lunch line while wearing a sombrero and doing the Mexican Hat Dance, but the committee declined our offer . . .

They didn’t think it would be in good taste.  Bulldog was disappointed, but we told him he could dance in something another time.   

Olivia is facing a fabulous birthday this week and do you know what her girlfriends have offered her?  A buck from each for her lunch.  It’s called the bad economy birthday buck.  Yes, here is how it happens:  you meet out at a little sandwich shop and whoever shows up gives the birthday girl a buck.  The birthday girl, of course, brings a money bag with her and then all the friends put their buck in the bag . . .

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It’s a lot like winning the lottery.  And if one of the girlfriends only has loose change, that’s okay, too.  Quarters, nickels, and especially pennies are nice because they make a jingly noise in the bag when the birthday girl walks with a wiggle back to her car.  It’s also a bonus if the birthday girl is given a few cards where the givers have absentmindedly forgotten to sign their names.  The birthday girl gets to enjoy a few big belly laughs from the cards and then she can re-give them to friends when other birthdays roll around.  That’s called the bad economy card caper. 

Do you celebrate your birthday for more than a day?  We certainly hope so.  At the very least, it should be a week or month long affair, depending on how insatiably social you are.  Some people celebrate their birthdays for the entire year and Joyce has no problem with that.  So here’s what you do:  go get your calendar this minute and then block off the two weeks before your birthday and the two weeks after your birthday.  It ain’t gonna happen if you don’t make it happen.  And if you need Bulldog to come dance a little jig at one of your parties, he’s booking into May right now . . .

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