Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | February 17, 2010

Dear Future Me . . .

Do you ever leave yourself little notes and reminders?  Sometimes a note tucked away for posterity can reveal an awful lot.  I was reminded of this because a note appeared in my e-mail inbox today and was addressed to me, from me.  I’d written it a month ago at  I sometimes do kooky things like that.  Here’s how Future Me works:  you get an idea of something you’d like to say and you write yourself a letter at the Future Me website.  Then on a predetermined date chosen by you, the note appears in your inbox.  Kinda cool–or not–depending on what you’re trying to say to yourself.  The interesting thing about Future Me is that you’d be amazed at how easy it is to forget something you thought was important thirty days ago.  My Future Me was about getting off the Scotcheroos—going cold turkey, if you will.  I typed the note a month ago and when it arrived today I was reminded that instead of cutting back on Scotcheroos, I’d been doubling up.  So much for Future Me.  Maybe I’ll try again next month and see if I have more success.

So, what kind of notes and reminders do you write to yourself?  My friend Sheila is big into writing notes that get taped to the refrigerator.  And she forces her kids to sign frig notes that require a commitment to acceptable future behaviors.

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I found the note below which was penned by Joyce in the fall of 1956–around the time she was competing for the Alice in Dairyland crown.  It’s a beautiful thing to find something like this because it is HANDWRITTEN.  You don’t find much that is handwritten anymore.  It’s an antique.  Plus, it reveals some super secret stuff.  I know it’s authentic because as the daughter o’ Joyce, I recognize the writing.  It is a Future Me at its best that gives a glimpse into how young Joyce thought a more mature Joyce should live.  Here is what the note said:

Joyce has so much to do tonight it’s NOT even funny (Ha).  Things that must be done:

1.  Iron.

2.  Read English.

3.  Work on Modern Dance.

4.  Try and correct English themes.

5.  Write music evaluation of concert.

You have a tremendous night of fun ahead of you, Waggie—go to it!!!

This afternoon you must go babysitting in the rain.  Those kids are such monsters, too.  Remind yourself that if you ever have two boys you’ll never try for a third.  Three boys are enough to kill anyone, especially you because you are so frail.  Have a good laugh at that one!  (I will!!)  You better go babysitting now otherwise you won’t get there!  Bye-bye!  P.S.  I didn’t see my HONEY today either.

Let us analyze a few of Joyce’s thoughts and take her advice to heart:

1.  The ‘Ha’ and ‘have a good laugh at that one’ let us know that Joyce gets a kick out of herself.  Laughing at oneself is an important talent that is never to be taken for granted.

2.  Joyce took a course called Modern Dance.  Hmmmm and hmmmm on that one.  Joyce has always enjoyed dancing and she passed this talent on to her children.  Do not let a day go by without engaging in some form of dancing . . .

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3.  Joyce warned herself not to give birth to more than two boys.  This is probably good advice for anyone who is frail, like Joyce.  But calling them monsters?  Direct, yet shameful.  It’s true–she took her own advice and stopped after one girl and two boys.  It’s also true that Joyce never minces words.

So, are you now persuaded to write a note to your future self?  Exactly what are you going to say?  How about telling Joyceland first?  We love your deep and dark secrets.



  1. I think the future notes concept is a clever and fun idea.

  2. dear future me,
    i hope your hair is longer than mine.

  3. Dear future me,
    You had better have a plan for your life, because right now college is just a waste of time.

  4. I often hide money for future me to find.

    Also… I just sent an future me message to someone else’s email… it’s that an abuse of the service… ???… can’t help myself. (And you may have no idea what I’m talking about, but you can consider me Pepe the Shrimp in Muppets From Space.)

    • Okay—–you are a total riot! And I love the money hiding idea. I just found some that I’d stashed away myself!! xo

  5. I have no idea what I would say to my future self. Probably at this point, encouragement to keep going as there would be only 5 – 6 weeks of school left.

    Stopping in from SITS.

  6. Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a Happy Thursday!!!! 🙂

  7. What a cool concept. I will have to check that out… I might just leave a pep talk for myself! I need those pretty frequently, too!

    Found you via SITS!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I love this idea so much!

  9. Out of summer sausage. Go to Usinger tomorrow.

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