Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | March 10, 2010

The Power of Now and Clean Underwear

Dearest Uber-Fabulous Joycies:

If he can do it . . .

. . . so can we!!  Aren’t you motivated?  Baby’s got such fine form.  Baby makes it look so easy.  Nobody puts Baby in a corner.  Many thanks to Mrs. Butz for sending in this photo and encouraging us to get our asses into gear. 

Let’s celebrate everything impromptu, shall we?  I recently wrote a little ditty that was published in Body + Soul magazine in answer to a question about unexpected friendships.  Little is an understatement because the ditty was only seven sentences long.  And what I submitted and what got published are two entirely different things.  Isn’t that how it always works?  Thank God for Joyceland—it’s the only place where I have total control over my own documented insanity. 

Body & Soul

But back to my published ditty.  Those New York Body + Soul biatch editors felt they had to work their East coast magic on my precious few Midwestern words.  And change them they did.  But I will not let that lower my self-esteem and don’t you let it lower your self-esteem either.  We’re in this together, after all. 

The point of my comments in Body & Soul had to do with living life in an impromptu way and enjoying all that can come from serendipity.  It’s all about making your own kind of good luck and snatching up sudden opportunities.  We all get stuck in our own boring routines, don’t we?  We eat at the same places, order the same menu items, shop at the same shops, drive the same way to get where we’re going, wear the same three things hanging in our closets, and hang out with our most comfortable comfort people .  Here’s what Joyce thinks about that:  d-u-l-l-s-v-i-l-l-e.  Just yesterday Joyce spontaneously decided to attend a brunch hosted by a friend’s daughter, then she enjoyed lunch with a completely different group, and she concluded the day with an impromptu pedicure via a brand new spa person.  As a result, The Bobster said that Joyce was only home for three minutes all day long.  But what we’re talking about here is making our own personal brand of excitement in this brief, little life that we’re given.

Sheila spontaneously attended a super secret dog show the other day.  She attended with her sweet puppy Saucey (they were dressed in matching outfits and panties) . . .

View Image       

Together, the two of them made new dog and people friends and enjoyed a wonderful time.  All in the name of supercalifragilistic spontaneity!

What I told Body + Soul in my ditty is that if someone calls or e-mails you on the spur of the moment and invites you for salsa/chips/wine at 7 p.m.—well, you’ve simply got to go.  I don’t care if you’re in your jammies.  I don’t care if you’re completely exhausted.  You’ve got to keep a clean pair of underwear ready for a moment’s notice.  You’ve got to go.  That’s all there is to it.  Because you never know what fun can happen, or who you’ll meet, or what grand laughs you might have.  It’s a quick little life that we’re each living.  The Bobster says it flies by like the snap of a finger.  So go get yourself some impromptu and in the name of Joyce savor the spur of the moment.  Right.  Now.



  1. Aaaahhhh, spontaneity. So easily forgotten as adults yet so important to keep us FUN. I had a spontaneous Lapham Peak walk last week w/ Carna, the funniest person in the world next to Sheila and it was FABULOUS!! We came upon a big, snow covered hill in the woods and she spontaneously slid all the way down the hill head-first on her back and had so much fun that she ran back up the hill and slid down again! After the walk, we ate egg salad sandwiches in the back of her mini-van facing the sun w/ the hatch up. We both followed up our adventure w/ a nap. Nirvana!

    • I lit a candle and meditated on your fun time at Lapham Peak. I love egg salad, too. And a nap? Pure heaven.

  2. It wasn’t easy finding doggy and me outfits. I enjoyed the challenged…finally finding a little ditty in a soft sable and white. The dog people were very impressed.

    • Sheila—I can’t wait until the reality show “Sheila and Saucy” debuts………I’m gonna watch that show faithfully.

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