Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | March 19, 2010

The Way We Were: Bullock, Edwards, Toyota

Relationships can cause a lot of heartache, that’s for sure.  Some last forever and others end quickly . .

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Breakups are never fun.  This one just about broke my heart . . . 

Babs and Bob . . . the song alone will make you cry a river!  I have some news to share with you about my personal life:  I’ve decided to break up with Toyota.  And I wanted you to hear it from me first.  You know rumors can go wild with this type of thing.  Look at poor Elizabeth Edwards and that darling Sandy Bullock. 

The honest truth is that even though Toyota and I were honeymooners, things weren’t working out very well.  At first, when we were dating and test driving, I had convinced myself that Toyota was interested in me–my wants, my dreams, my desires.  RAV was going to come fully equipped, if you know what I mean.  That led to a certain amount of expectation, I’ll admit, on my part. 

The problems began when I was out cruising around with RAV, but secretly lusting after RDX.  Oh, I tried to put RDX out of my mind at first.  I told myself I’d made a commitment to RAV and needed to stand by him.  Maybe we were just experiencing relationship growing pains.  Maybe I just needed to communicate more clearly with RAV.  So, I talked to him–gently–about his accelerator issues.  I told him that a touchy pedal with potential premature acceleration just doesn’t work when you want to keep a girl happy.  RAV said he’d try to do better.  He suggested that there was medication for this type of thing.  But despite a trip to the car doctor, his pedal just never felt right to me–no matter how hard I tried.  Sometimes I used more pressure and other times I attempted a lighter touch.  Nothing I tried was working—it seemed that RAV was just driving himself.  Where’s the romance in that? 

RAV’s heater was annoying, too.  Sometimes I felt frigid around him and at other times it was hot flash a go-go.  His heating system made a lot of weird noises, which often spoiled the mood.  I can see this happening when you’re together five, six, seven years, but not during the honeymoon.  Definitely not.  The honest truth is that I just didn’t feel safe with RAV.  If he could just take off at any moment, where was the trust?  The security? 

My fantasies about RDX started to become more frequent and impossible to deny.  I’d been in a relationship with Acura before . . . was it appropriate to get back with my ex or would people talk?  Can it be that it was all so simple then?  Or had time rewritten every line?  If we had the chance to do it all again . . . tell me . . . would we . . . could we? 

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And after my break up with Toyota I shed plenty of tears.  I’ll be honest–it wasn’t easy.  But Acura assured me we could take the relationship slow.  And RDX promised that he wouldn’t drive off into the sunset without me being in control in the driver’s seat.  Is this a match made in car heaven?  Let’s hope so.  And to Toyota I say this:  Memories . . . may be beautiful and yet . . . what’s to painful to remember . . . we simply choose to forget . . . so it’s the laughter . . . we will remember . . . whenever we remember . . . the way we were . . .

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  1. Lori,

    You are so damn funny! Thanks for the morning laugh. Hope you are well with your new relationship!


  2. Choking back tears ! Humming “The Song” ! Was there anything more beautiful than RR sitiing at that bar in the White uni?
    But, I digress.. Condolences on the RAV, Acura says “welcome back baby” and I’m plenty pissed at Jesse James.

  3. Man, now that song’s stuck in my head! lol

    I know, I used to have a celebrity crush on Toyota but, well, now the true colors are starting to show and they could use a paint job!

  4. It’s for the best. No looking back. You did the right thing. You’ll always have your memories of your brief affair. I’m glad all is forgiven and Acura took you back. Sure driving with Toyota can be exciting (the unpredicatablitity and all) but those realtionships are never meant to last. Something to be said for the safe, reliable types that can eventually win a girl’s heart.

  5. Very entertaining post. You are very clever! Im having the same situation with my new cell phone.

    Visiting from SITS!

  6. So funny! No, I mean sad. Breakups are sad, right?

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  7. This is such a wonderful and touching post! I loved reading it!

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