Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | April 2, 2010

Easter Yourself

What would you think if you came home and found this little beauty sitting on your front porch?  Would you scream while jumping up and down?  Might you tinkle in your panties?  Would you pinch yourself to see if it was real or just a dream?  Could you eat the entire thing in one sitting? 

What a delectable and edible darling dressed in such happy polka dots.  It’s called a Me Cake and it’s all for you!  Every last bite!  Happy Easter from KathleenJoyce who discovered the Me Cake in all of its glory.  And here’s to you and Joyce and gorgeous Kathleen and cake, lots of it. 

ATC- Easter Hat-unavailable by angellea. 

This Easter holiday let there be friendship and laughter and the sharing of pleasures . . .

ATC-Stop & smell the Roses zetti-unavailable by angellea.

Eat the entire Me Cake in one sitting because well-behaved women rarely make history . . .

ATC- Piano Girl-unavailable by angellea.

Remember that jumping for joy is good exercise . . .

ATC-Mona Easter- unavailable by angellea.

And always keep at least five kindred companions:  one to encourage you, one to keep you humble, and three for socializing!  –K. Crouch 

ATC-Dream Fairy by angellea.

All art in today’s post (except for the cake pic) was created by Tracey@glitterbugstudios   —  check her out  — she’s fun!



  1. Thanks Lori for using my little pieces of art in your post. I feel very honored! It’s been a while since I have made ATC’s. I wanted to tell you that I have enjoyed going back thru your blog & reading your advice & humor! Hope you have a great weekend! Tracey

  2. Tracey’s art is fun! I have to tell you, that’s my face on a vintage body sitting on the piano!

  3. Awesome! Excellent, fun, and very creative! This post makes me smile. Good job Tracey!

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