Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | May 6, 2010

Holy First Communion, I’m Frazzled!

Oh, the horror of it all!  And here’s where the horror begins:  I gotta get cooking.  Yes, cookin’.  Bulldog partakes of the bread and wine this Saturday when he makes his First Communion.  He is sooooooooo excited.  He’s been counting down the days and says he’ll hold his hands like this . . .

. . . so that his fingers are pointing to heaven.  At exactly what age do kids lose the innocence?  Drink it in, Joycelanders, drink it in while the cup of innocence is full. 

Besides the utter beauty of this spiritual moment in time—the once in a lifetime very first communion—it also means that I gotta get cookin’ for the party.  No bare fridge for me . . . no feet up while I lounge and suck on bonbons while reading People magazine . . . 

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Nope, I’ve gotta get my ass to the grocery store, load up, and put something together.  You know how hosting events like these makes me howl at the moon . . .

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. . . and you can count on the fact that you’ll find me sitting in my backyard tonight relieving stress with a pack of wild coyotes.

To get started planning the holy menu for such a blessed event, I found a great blog called You Are What You Eat . . . or Reheat.  It’s written by Katie O.  I love the part about reheating.  Very Joyce.  O Katie has a recipe section on her blog called White Trash Wednesday.  Here are some of her thoughtful ideas:  Tammy Faye Cake, Beanie Weenies, Bubble Gum on a toothpick, Bologna Roll-Ups, Spam Fondue, Velveeta Fudge, Waffle Peanut Butter Thingy, and Dorito Salad.  Yum, yum.  Bulldog’s going to love the Bubble Gum on a Toothpick!  When I checked out the specifics of Katie O’s Dorito Salad, one of her devoted readers had commented, “If this had Cheetos in it I’d be on board.”  And as for the Bubble Gum on a Toothpick, another foodie wrote, “A must at my next hoity-toity get together.”  

I adore Julia Child, but thank God Katie O. and her suggestions are helping me plan Bulldog’s party.  Julia Child is just too fancy for me and Joyce.  Check out Katie O. at      And Scraps writes a blog about her great cakes at  Maybe Scraps will bake Bulldog a holy cross cake???  I could be on easy street if I play my cards right . . .

I figure between now and Saturday I will visit the grocery store no fewer than 27 times.  No matter how organized I am, it just seems that I always have to run my happy ass back to the store for something.  That’s what is so annoying.  I found a brand new store recently, though, and so I’m in the honeymoon phase right now.  I dress up and try to look all pretty when I grocery shop in order to make a good impression.  The new store is called the Metro Market and I’m pretty popular there.  The manager has been smiling at me.  The other day the produce guy said, “Hi.”  The cake lady told me she’s going to work very hard making Bulldog’s holy cake.  It’s a real fancy store and I feel like I’m at a party when I wander the aisles.  The flowers are especially fragrant and the floor is nice, too.  Is it just me, or do people love a trendy new store?

So, wish me well on this hostessing gig.  Stop by for the party, if you’re free.  Joyce loves party crashers.  In fact, she welcomes them.



  1. well joyce, you are too nice! i wish my mom had planned a white trash themed party for my first communion! i would have killed for doritos and gum. 🙂

  2. If I were closer I’d have been happy to help out–I’m sure Metro Market will do their best!

    (And, you know, if not–send a picture to Cake Wrecks for all to see!)

    Good luck with the party.

  3. I LOVE Dorito salad! Yeee haw! And no, I don’t envy you. If fact reading this gives me the heebie jeebies, like one of my nightmares on Joyce street.

    Good luck! And Happy First Communion (Awh!).

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