Posted by: Lori Schmidt Lutze | May 19, 2010

Workouts of the rich and famous

So how are you doing with squeezing it all in . . . work . . . fun . . . parties . . . va-va-va-vacuuming . . . time at the spa?  I think we’re on to something here.  MarieMarie, my French friend, did go to to nominate her favorite exercise.  It’s an easy one to squeeze in and is called the Lime-a-Nador.  Here is how you do it:

Take your booze filled Chi-Chi’s Margarita mix from your fridge and  open and close the fridge two times per arm.  Make sure to really work your biceps/triceps and feel the stretch.

Next, take a lime out of your countertop fruit bowl and roll it back and forth on a flat surface three times, five reps each to loosen all the liquid goodness.  Make sure to alternate hands.  Then, with a heavy-duty stainless steel knife, perform arm curls, five reps of 15 each.  Hot tip from MarieMarie:  make sure the blade faces out.  Now you’re ready to slice the lime with a smooth sawing action.  Make sure your core is engaged while slicing.  Rim your glass three times with one swipe of your freshly cut lime.  Pick up the margarita mix and pour yourself some of the amazing elixir.  Now, gently pick up this nectar of the gods and lovingly lift it to your pie hole.  One rep . . . one sip.  Voila!  A perfect workout to squeeze in while enjoying the perfect afternoon snack.  

You might also consider engaging in the Mexican Hat Dance while sipping in order to burn more calories . . .

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MarieMarie’s mom, a Joyce through and through, has always lived by this motto:  Burn your calories before you make them!  I can’t wait to see Liv, Sheila, Joyce, and MarieMarie getting together ASAP to do the Lime-a-Nador.  

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AngeliaJoyce doesn’t think SqueezeItIn is very clever.  She swears she thought up doing squats while brushing her teeth a loooooooong time ago.  Olivia and Sheila say squeezing it in was their idea, too.  And Linda is all about modification.  Liv told Linda it was called moderation, but Linda insists it’s about modification.  And Scraps wants to exercise with a monkey.  She can borrow Bulldog anytime.  He does a great monkey . . .

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So what’s new in your world?


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